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Hey, welcome to the 2-in-1 guide on using the forum! This is made especially for newbies! Credits to @everyone especially to the following forumers:
Let's get started!
Welcome to the forum! Here, we talk about coding and Hopscotch! We can ask help for our codes,collab,report bugs and more!
In the forum, make sure to follow:

Those at every important!
-Making of topics:
Always remember to make your topics Hopscotch related! If you don't, you can get flagged.
Types of topics:
•General topics
General topics are very common here in the forums. It is where the owner of the topic talk and we can ask questions to them too! Just imagine, you talking to your idols!
•Help with Code topics
In this topic, the creator would most probably need help with their code. Fun fact: the forum would most likely reply faster that's the app!
•Reporting bugs
Have you ever seen a bug in Hopscotch? Well, you can report it here! Put your topic in the 'Bug' category and a sweet bug report template will show! Usually, after a while a THT member will come to the topic!
•Game show Topic
Hm... I think that this is made for fun! In this topic, the creator will ask question about (most likely) themselves and forumers will answer it!
•■■■■■■■■■■■ topics/I'm talking a break topics
Forumers announce if they're going to be inactive or leaving there.
•Game topics
Fun games are there!
•Collab topics
This is were HSers discuss ice a collab
•Competition topics
Where forumers hold a contest.
•Drawing/coding topics
Post drawings or coding here!
There's some topics such as:
-I have a depression
-I have a sickness
Or something like that.
No offense but I suggest not making that. Simply just make a "I'm going to be inactive" topic (I mean if you will)
If you see some topics not related to Hopscotch OR the forum, kindly ask the forumer to recycle it and if she don't want to,flag it.
Want people to go to your topic? Of course you want! Use the OMTL! It stands for Official Mass Tag(ing) List

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