A whole topic about lemons



This is a topic to appreciate lemons. This is related because we will code lemons. (We already have.) This is helping spread positivity, so who cares?

Join the lemon committee:




Transparent lemon image, to use in editing.


Those are some snazzy lemons


Hellooo! I never spoke to you ;o


I used my regular powers responsibly by making two lemon tags.


Maybe because enough weren’t active until very recently?


Hello! Nice to talk to you.

We accept donations in the form of lemon pictures. Preferably stock lemon pictures.


L e m o n s
i cant


If that isn’t what regular was meant for, I don’t know what is.


additionally we hold produce therapy at 5 pm EST dont miss it!!



Good lord, this has 6 likes in 4 minutes. There is a high lemon demand on this lemon deprived forum.


benefits of produce therapy:
-definitely not a cult

disadvantages of produce therapy:


You spelled it wrong

Speel et hoaw yoo sey et


she is helping us maintain a standard of living


It be a lemon pig?


i’m in school then can we have an alternate session at 6 est


this one, , scares me



your welcome