A way to tag all regs, mods etc!


I just found out how to do this! It's a way you can call all leaders, mods, regulars etc! Simply do
Not sure if it works yet... So tell me if it does! I just found this out and decided to share it with you guys!


Looks like it doesn't work nvm... ;-;

Tags for Different Trust Levels

I wasn't tagged! Hmmm...


That's cool! But I wasn't tagged... But I'm a member of the @trust_level_2 group!


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I wasn't tagged, but I think these groups show all the posts by the members of the group


Thats cool, but I wasn't tagged :o


Oh ;-; I thought it would work


I wasn't tagged either.


Its cool, tho, you can see everyone in that trust level :D


I wasn't tagged, but this is still super cool!


When you do @moderators, it doesn't actually call us, so it's better to mention us independently.


Wahoo! Great find @DancingLollipop


It doesn't? That explains a lot. Thanks for telling me that!


That's why we don't always respond. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kiwicute this is what I mean

Look at the last seen and last post


Yeah, I see it too.


I already knew about this trick, I just hadn't gotten around to making a post about it. :wink:

You can also do @trust_level_0.

EDIT: Wait, all the users who have been new are in that group. That means everybody's in it. O_o

EDIT 2: Maybe those groups don't actually tag people because it would be another way to do a mass tag list, which might annoy some people.


@DancingLollipop cool trick! Too bad it doesn't work, but if it did we might have some problems like we did with mass tag lists :confused:
I wish there was one for leaders, however, so we could tag them when we want a topic to be closed.