A Way To See All My Subscribers


I think it would be cool if there was a way to see everybody who has subscribed to me in Hopscotch one one list. I think I’ve gotten 3 new followers just today, it would be nice if I could see all of them.

If there already is a way let me know, I am on an iPad. But I don’t think there is. Or if there is a reason why there isn’t tell me that too.


This has been talked over many times, please SBYP


Also it is possible, you have to access some JSON files though


What does SBYP mean?


search before u opst

some ppl randomly say that its sad
like me 2 years ago


Ah, ok. I forgot about even thinking about doing that.



oh thats what it stand for


I don’t think there’s a way to see who your followers are, only how many you have. :thinking:


Yes there is, through the JSON. Thinbuffalo explained it all.


Yeah but I’d rather have a way in the app, rather than having to dig through the app files.


Oh, I misunderstood his topic.


No, you’re right. You can only see the amount of followers, I’ve even done that before.


Hey @CreationsOfANoob! Wanna chat?


Not right now, sorry. We should probably take that to a general topic though.


Yeah. Its just that I feel REALLY lonely


I think that THT thinks that Hopscotch should be about coding and not likes, followers and so one and that’s why we don’t have this feature. But it would be kind of cool to have in Hopscotch. You can tap people’s profile and if they follow you, you’ll see “Follow you” under their profile picture. But you can’t see all your followers at once if you don’t find everyone from your notifications tab.


Well said, @William04GamerA
I totally agree!