A way to easily use the forum



If you have an iPad Air or higher, u can use the forum like this. I don't really like it though. U can ask and code like this! U can't create topics like this ):


Oh yeah. I remember the olden days...

When I was in math class, I use school iPads to do my work, so I always did that to get on the forum XD

And then I would put it back to normal when my teacher came by. Me such a bad student XD




It's a iPad Air or higher.


I do this sometimes!

I also do it with Photos when I do a pixel art.


I tried it. My school district blocked the forum ): (I'm not saying the district because it tells the city)


@KVJ How do you do that?


Actually, you have to have the iPad AIR or higher to use the forum on sidebar.

You have to have the iPad AIR 2 or higher to use split screen. Please update this so peeps don't get confused!


Oh..ipad mini 1 is lower right?


Yep. And phones... no


What's the difference between the sidebar and a split screen?


Sidebar: u use it on da side.

Split screen: u can multitask

I made this using an iPad Pro


Do what?


iPad mini 1 is not compatible


Do 2 things at the same time




Then how do u doit using ab ipad pro?


Drag out your sidebar like normal, then drag out the side bar a little more.


Okay thanks