A very weird bug


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:


What kind of device are you using?:iPad 4th generation

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing looking at the drafts and then all my drafts were there. Including my newest unpublished draft. happened):

Steps to make the problem happen:
1.Log into NT14C
2.Look at drafts

I expected this to happen:
There be no drafts

But instead this happened:
All my drafts were there

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


What's wrong with that?


I haven't published the draft yet. Look at the account name. It isn't mine.


What do you mean?
Of course it hasnt been published yet its a draft


Wait the account isnt yours or the draft?




Oh i think i understand.
Ur drafts went onto that account
I have no idea how this happened


The account isn't mine. @ninjated14 emailed me the password and stuff.


It even has my first draft!
@ninjated14 please don't look.


Hi and it is not a weird bug!!!:rage:


U hacked my account?
find report button


I did not @TheRealBlah plz believe me


Then why is my latest draft on there?


Me dono but I did not hack!


I can't even copy 2/3 of java script


Let's get on my general topic.


Delete this immediately @TheRealBlah


This general topic @TheRealBlah


Here, @ninjated14 you seem like a different person. You have good spelling at school.


Ummm, I can't. And delete what. Also this isn't a general topic.