A very important feeling/question


Do u ever feel like someone hates u either a) for the sake of hating u or b) for fun
Yeah that happens on the forum a lot

I have a quick story:

So someone on the forum is gonna email
Liza about my behavior. I'm like I don't care cause I'm leavin.g. Then they were like, "this is gonna be fun". I feel like they are just mad at me for being mad at me. They also said my post was offensive and the only
Kinda Offensive part was I said,
"I don't want ____ to be a coleader because I don't trust them". I didn't say I hate.d then or they are idio.ts. I just said I didn't trust them. Yet that was rude

Y'all gotta quit being so sensitive


Wow that's rude. Whoever would do that.


Wow! Ouch. You must be hurt.


Yeah exactly

Sure I'm mean to them sometimes but they are mean right back

Thanks for being awesome:D


Yeah i really am
Wondering who did it

Such a mystery


Ella has insulted me many times. I asked her to edit something, she wouldn't.


Because I asked u to delete all ur posts and u wouldn't

And what I said wasn't offensive


I'm not sensitive. I am just that one bystander that doesn't give a poop about what is happening.
NO srsly. I am not joking. It is very true. I am that one kid that doesn't care if everyone thinks I am a creep.(That is true for most people)


An example of what they said


This one too


You aren't mean!!


What did Murphy even do


I am not a hater. Ella has insulted more times than I can count. I'm fed up with being nice. I tried being nice, and one of her friends told me what ella thought of me, which was horribly mean. She keeps calling me sensitive too. And saying I'm rude for no reason. And saying there are no good points in my topic that had nothing to do with her. @Murphy1, this is what I'm going through.


Omg, sorry I didn't mean murphy I meant ella! So sorry


I'm gonna stay out of this because you're both my friends so yeah....


No it's fine. Sorry for saying that lol. A misunderstanding


Who said that what my friend said was true?

Plus, me and @Zachyswag used to fight but we made up when he apologized


Some people aren't as outgoing as you. Many feel sensitive and as a community, we need to respect that. I have seen you IRL (we go to the same school) and you seem really outgoing and confident. But not everyone is that way. Sometimes, just try you're best to hold yourself back unless someone is
A) hurting you emotionally or physically
B) bull.ying
C) being just plain over-the-top.
Until then, I feel a flame war rising.


U r sensetive

Ur gonna email tht for Peet's sake


It was extremely hurtful. Never got an apology. it was rude beyond rude. It had curses in it too.