A very cool game


Ok I am working on an awesome project but I will need help to publish this project faster could someone help me ?


Do you want help on how to publish it?

I'm not quite sure what you mean


No I just mean that the game is complicated and I need to speed up a lot


Do you need help? Or not (by the way I probably wont be able to help if it's complicated)


Ok fine I will tell you what it is, it is battleship ( player versus computer and it would be nice if someone could help ) and that is complicated,believe me


Wow it does sound complicated


Don't uninspire him. Lol.

@FunDardo, good luck. I have minimal knowledge in AI, so I can't help. Sorry.


That's not very nice. :frowning:

@FunDardo if you need any help I can try!


Wow that sounds cool!

I have no clue how to help though, sorry.

Maybe ask Funky 63 or someone else who does AI stuff?


What do you need help on? If it's something simple, or you need to catch a bug in your code, I could help! Something simple is like your graphics or design. If you need something like AI, then I can't help, sorry. :frowning:


I never said he couldn't learn. I'm wondering how it was inappropriate... and whoever flagged it.


What you said was negative. That's why it was flagged...