A upgrade for not just for me

Hi guys and gals IM NOT LEAVING I'm just going to go on to scratch now I'm not canceling frost I'm going finish frost then that probably be all then I'll work on a scratch version now I'm not going alone I'm making a small team of four now you won't need give up on hopschoch if you join the team its just you be increasing your coding skills even faster yay. When ive chosen who wil be on the team ill send a invite to a private G+ community invite now I'm not adding a otml when really I should so yup um I don't won't get flagged even if I think it goes over the one of the flag options

sighing up

This is really easy all you have to do is just put what your g+ name is


Guys write off the bat I'm sorry I've been getting a lot of support and I don't deserve it I've been a baby so also I when making a another topic that you guys should read when I upload it


Sorry, sharing Google+ accounts (Or any social media account.) isn't allowed!


Sharing g+ names are not allowed, as it is communication outside the forums


OK: ( well just flag it

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Instead of flagging it, maybe just talk here instead of using google?

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We are allowed to talk on scratch