A topic that is infurior 🌲 🌳 eeekhfdjhdudu dorp derp dorp derp XDXDX get yummy spoons πŸ₯„


Ten on them all. Art is 10000000, though.


Are you just reviving all these topics or something XD


No. I'm not.


Oh good


ngl but i was , the definition of bad grammar hhdjhegh

i hate u so much me


ik i shouldn’t bump this but it’s the truth


why didn’t I edit this when I had the chance me u buffoon


hemlo ik i dont rlly talk to u but how r u?


imma alright



good :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
wyd :000


honestly nothing really besides doodling

you?? :000


ayyye wild im doodling too :000
fjcjjdjdjfjwn im testing off an art style based off this one artist one instagram’s art style i guess??? but for the most part it’s how they draw hair that im amazed by lol




nice!! I absolutely love you style in general dude?? honestly i like drawing hair but stink at it lol


i like drawing big poofy hair which suits me cuz i have rlly thick poofy hair n it looks kinda funky lol
im growing my hair out n it’s definitely noticeable but at this point it looks like a mullet if i dont straighten it rip


nice lol and same?? my hairs kinda long and rly frizzy but i’m thinking bout cutting it but probably won’t.
nice!! i’d straighten my hair but sadly i’m not allowed but like i probably would’ve burned myself if i was so lol
for now i just keep it in a braid


i want to have a bob cut again despite the fact that i always whined about having that cut all the time lol


nice lol!!

i either wanna get a pixie cut or a bob cut but practically everyone i know is telling me not to also my family probably won’t let me lol


rip :((( i suggest a bob cut for thicker hair tbh cuz when i got it got into a pixie n it looked like a bowl cut for a bit dhjfbhdjdjsjd


oof sjkdjdk ill probably get a bob cut if i can then lol ty!!

also i gotta go sleep :/ sry!!