A Topic of Regret


I think I'm spending too much time on the forum. I do it during class, when I'm supposed to be doing homework, a lot.

Am I on too much?

If so, is it concerning?

Sorry 'bout this.




I think that's concerning.

When I started this school year I did it in class, I've stopped because my grades aren't really good and I should improve them.
School is more important than the forum, so pay attention :D


Well speaking of, I'm kind of addicted.
I'm doing it during reading right now,



That's too much caps xD


Don't do it during class.


Wot, noo!




That's still a whole day!


Okey give me a break its lunch.

(See, I can't even do a whole day.)

Edit: @HappyDolphin, @KVJ, @Smishy.


:joy: lol.


Maybe don't do it all the time during class, just during lunch and after school!
I can't even use the forum at school, so it's different for me


I regret that today I called myself idiot and cursed in front of my class—I acted quite stupid


I found out it's probably impossible for me to not do this a whole day.
But I will try.

Edit: Tha day is gonna be in about 3 years.


What if u ask ur parents to block this website till u get home from school. Each day I believe u can just block websites


I think I could.
Hey, good idea!
Your a life saver!