A topic I wanna close


Nothing. Please close this topic.




The project might be a bit offensive to some. It is a reinactment. You can also find it on #movies.


I understand
Terrorism can be a touchy subject, coz ya know…


Also, by the way. Me, TheRealBlah is not in anyway or form related to ■■■■ or terrorism.


I know
It's just dat 9/11 is related to terrorism.
(Mai inner self: shut up @StarryDream!)


Lemme tag all me friends.
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OMG. I wrote 9/11/2011. Oops. Lemme fix that.


Sorry @StarryDream and @HopedHoper I published the wrong date. You have to like it again.


Umm.... I don't know if it's offensive that I'm asking, but what happened in 9/11?


Search it up. I don't wanna talk about it and upset people.


Good coding, but I'm not really sure about this project. Making projects in awareness and memorials is one thing, but a reenactment is another.


Maybe post this in the topic I made?


Ok please please dont flag my post.
It should be allowed. People should know. I dont care if anyones offended.
so there were two towers, and terroris.t crashed plans into them. Tons of people died.


it also ruined people's lives emotionally.




I don't understand why @TheRealBlah made a tag for 9/11.


Also, it's not as well known as the twin towers coming down, but a plane was flew into a pentagon in Virginia. And the last one the passengers fought the hijackers, and it crash landed in a field in PA.


Anyways 9/11 was terrible
And it was on my dad's birthday
What a sad birthday present


Yea, There were brave.

Rest in piece to all those people. You are a real hero.