A topic for all of your favorite T.V shows and Hopscotch games(or not)



So, I’m making a topic for gifs! But not any gifs. A topic for T.V show or movie gifs! I made this because I wanted to see your favorite shows and movies! You can do any gifs from T.V, but you can’t have any inappropriate words or pictures. I’ll show you one for one of my favorite shows, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.go watch it if you like action and sci fi! :grin:



all topics should be at least a bit related to hopscotch :wink:


Hi! This is a fun idea, but try to stay either hopscotch, creativity, or coding related in your topics, as this is the Hopscotch forum :slight_smile:


Hi! c:

I think you’re new to the forum, so you might not know, but all topics have to be related to Hopscotch or the forum. General topics that aren’t about Hopscotch are okay, so try talking about TV in one of those instead! :DD


Ohhhhhh. Sorry! You can put hopscotch gifs and coding ones! :confused:


it’s ok!
I’ll try to make a gif in hopscotch


Ok. I’ll try to do one too.










Woah, I’ve been looking thru the gifs that u made on hopscotch and they’re amazing! Well done to @KVJ and @yaygirls for making them- ur both rlly talented at coding, good on u! I know I certainly would never have been able to code these in my life!



Thank you! :slight_smile:


And don’t lie you probably could.