A Topic About Flagging Flags About Flag Flags (aug that doesn't make sense what the heck)



I usually don't ask a question that has a short explanation but here goes.

How do you guys feel on people flagging a topic that has no reason to be flagged?

Some people, known as trolls, do that.

People go around flagging general topics!

I've gotten barely any flags, thank god.

But yeah.


I think people just wanna make some trouble and wanna see some drama so they flag it and see what happened next


Yeah I know some people like that.


I flag a lot, but only because of a ton of off-topicness.


But for no reason, that's bad.


We just need less spam topics on the forum.


Omg yes.
My potato topic got flagged.
That was a really unnecessary move.


Well, I mean, was it a general topic?
Otherwise, I would think it would be a spam topic.


You know the one where I said I was a potato?
Yeah it was sorta my general topic 2 but I was gonna make potato related projects?!


Well, yeah. It probably wouldn't of gotten flagged if you said that it was related (that you were doing potato projects) and that it was a general topic,