A "timer" that freezes the time after a collision


I can create simple timer. It runs when game starts.
What I want to do is have it stop when its game over, eg. maybe after a collision/bump.
Now ideally I want the score to freeze on game over, but it reverts to zero.

How can I fix it so when there is a bump/collision it freezes (and doesn’t revert to zero) until I restart the game? Any help greatly appreciated!


Post a link to the project and I can help
(Btw, it’ll say dragonOfdarkness on the acc that I would help on)


First, make a new variable. (You can name it whatever you want, but I’ll just call it “IsGameOver”.) It’ll be set to 0 by default, so you won’t need to have a set value block or anything.
After this, set it up so “IsGameOver” is set to 1 when the game’s over.
Finally, put the code for the timer in a When “IsGameOver = 0” block. If there are any repeat forever blocks in the code (for the timer, I mean), then you’ll have to remove them (after taking the blocks out)

Hope this helps! :)


Hey there!


K i remixed it. I think I fixed it.


Big thanks both!
Amazing community!


Ok so I’ve tried to add the code but each time I add a “Check if Else” block it turns into a Check Once If” block.

It’s probably something really obvious! But I can’t see it!

Thanks in advance!


That seqms to be a bug. Dose it still work like a check if else block?


Here’s my latest version !


That’s a great Q - I don’t know because I’m new to using this type of block!
I’m not sure what to expect etc!


I fixed it but i messed around with some stuff so ima see if i can do it in a difrent maner
Edit: lol nevremind to lazy. heres the fixed project


It says check once if Until you reopen the draft, ignore it


thanks PartTimeFemale - so I did manage to copy your code and it now works beautifully!

But I want to understand how and why?

What is “Check if else” actually doing?:grinning:

Why do the numbers 1 and 10 work?

I guess I’m trying to learn how variables work!


The numbers dont realy mater. I used pne cause it was the number you were using and tem becase its the defult number variables set to.
Check if else checks once to see if something is true (variable=1, variable>2 ect.) if that thing ks not true it does somethimg else


Thanks again PTF - for taking the time to explain!


I just found this. Flag if you want.


Set timing to false, put every action you want with collision, wait 3000, and reset variable in one collision rule (in that order)