A thing that I'm wondering


So (not to point anyone out) how come ppl will comment on ur topic but not like? I understand if it's a mean topic but what if u are asking a question? How come ppl comment but don't like? Is it just me or is it a bit rude?


Hi @Ella_13 could I draw an elephant just for you I am your biggest fan that's why please reply


Maybe they can't like.

Like me, I'm almost always out of likes.


@KVJ I did this right now look


Maybe post that in the drawing topic?


There is a drawing collab


The purpose of giving a like is if you like the topic. But just because someone doesn't give a topic a like doesn't mean they are rude


I agree with @Ihasfluffycupcakes. It's not considered rude not to like someone's topic. I hope that gave you an understanding.:slight_smile:

Also, are you talking about me?:confused:


Hi! Nice drawing!

Why would u be my fan though?

I'm not good at coding


I just always wanted to talk to you