A Thank-You to All



Thanks SO MUCH for 90 nice posts! I think I'm the first at 90... anyways, I'm so grateful for my fans and friends being here the whole way :heart:
Thanks for making some of my pun posts nice :blush:
(I'm talking about the Thomas and friends thing xD)


But again, thanks a lot for 90 nice posts! I'm gonna go to sleep happy :wink:


Np! Ugh I can't like... So here :heart::heart::heart: Also how do you know how many nice posts you got?


Woah, that's a LOT! I only have like 40


idk y I'm saying this thanks at 90, I should be doing this at 100 xD


I was gonna say that XD


Hmm how do you know?


I think I'll do a request marathon if that happens xP


No prob, D! You're awesome and you know it.

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click 'badges'
  3. Look under 'nice post'


Brb I'm gonna hunt in your profile and if I see a ,9 likes" post imma like it


Congrats! I think I have 60 or so nice posts, 8-9 good posts (all on da drawing topic), and one great post (Around 27 more until I get 100 likes :stuck_out_tongue:).

I shall like all of da posts of yours now!


Oh... Hah I only have 17 XD! I'll get there one day... One day xP


What do you mean nice posts?


I think she means 90 posts that have 10 or more likes.


Oh! Ok now I get it! Then I only have like 6 and two of which were flagged


Yeah, I have, like, 2 nice posts. Oh well, I'll get there someday....