A thank you note to the Hopscotch team

Hopscotch was my very first encounter with programming. I discovered it in 2015 and loved working on a new project every time I come home from school. I remember telling all my friends that I could code and showing them things I made in Hopscotch.

Today, I just finished my first internship for a fintech company as a backend web developer. I reflected on it and I thought about Hopscotch. Although this is not the career I’m planning to eventually take, I’m just really grateful I got to start with Hopscotch and fell in love with coding because of it. Kudos to everyone behind the app and the community.

Please help me out if this is the wrong place to post, but I just want to leave a message. Hope you guys know you’re amazing people, and your work is doing so much more than making coding accessible to kids. Keep going. :muscle:


Hopscotch started my coding journey too and sparked my interest in programming. I’m so thankful for it, too!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Hopscotch! It’s really inspiring to read.

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