A suggestion/question

I was wondering if there is any way to see how many people follow you. Is there?

If there isn’t, you guys should totally make a follower list @Liza @Hopscotch


I don’t think there is a way to find out. You can find some of the Hopscotchers you follow, though, in the category called “following” in the search bar.

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Sbyp boi


I had asked the same question, you’ll probably get similar results. And, of course, there’s always somebody that says “sbyp”.

As far as I can tell, it isn’t shown because people would be upset that they don’t have as many followers as somebody that is more popular, or that it would become a competition to see who could get the most followers.

Supposedly there’s a way to see how many by digging in the .json files. I don’t know how.

I really wish this would be added but the odds are against me and I don’t think it ever will be.


Yup boi, they should really add that! :sunglasses::+1:

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Following is the people you follow, not the other way around


This topic has been made multiple times, so please SBYP!

It has also been debated quite a bit.

However, it is a good idea and great suggestion!
I don’t think THT will ever give us a follower count…


Ummm… What does sbyp means?


Search befor you check

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search before you post but yeah


Oh lol why did i write check

No, you can’t see that unless you count your followers manually. This have been discussed before, and here are some interesting topics to learn more about this topic:

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