Hey guys!

I want to write a story! Not all of it will be related to Hopscotch, and it will just be, well, a story! So, who wants in?! :smile:

If you want to write, you must:

  • Have good grammar (punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc)
  • You must know about social media, as I want this to be some sort of sci-fi-nerdy-geekyish story! :yum:
  • You must be eligible or allowed to have:
    • A YouTube account
    • A Reddit account
    • A JSFiddle or CodePen account
    • A Steam or Skype account
    • A DeviantArt account
    • A Medium account
      I just kinda want people who are going to write this story familiar to these programs, revealing a different side of their life!

There is only one spot! Editors will be chosen later!

So, yeah. If you're not eligible, sorry! :confused:


Can I? I don't have all those accounts, but I know how the layout is.


You don't need to have them, you just need to be allowed to have them!

No more slots are open, @CreativeCoder is in! :smile:


Yay! How will we write it, then?


Google Docs! I'll make it and invite you! :wink:


why did you need to have a...
◦A YouTube account
◦A Reddit account
◦A JSFiddle or CodePen account
◦A Steam or Sky-pe account
◦A DeviantArt account
◦A Medium account


answer me question



I still don't get it!


There could be another side of your life, like a gaming side! I kind of wanted to reveal it in this story.

It's hard to explain! :wink:


me life is about coding and being crazy :wink:


@CreativeCoder, sorry, off topic but the 24 hrs for our challenge is up!!!


Just confirming, is your gmail creativecoderhopscotch@gmail.com?


Yep :wink:


Okay, I'll invite you when I can! :smile:


I invited you! :smile:


Can you invite me, just for looking at the story, please?


Sorry, I want this to stay private until we're done! No invites from anyone yet! :wink:


me too? Maybe not...


Read above! :yum: