A smol book about a silly duck


Hey guys! In Chapter 5, I randomly decided I wanted this book to teach a lesson. The lesson will be published when I finish the story, and you see what happens to Gideon, the very silly duck.

Chapter 1- Smol Business
Once upon a time, a very silly duck that knew English decided to join the forum. He did not know what he was doing but he eventually made a username called "No one." He liked to play Hopscotch with his other friends by the pond. The problem was that it wasn't the app Hopscotch, but the actual Hopscotch.
Chapter 2- The Silly Duck encouters a forumer
Let us call this silly duck Gideon. Gideon did not know how to use a computer, but he did like to move the mouse around with his little orange webbed feet. One day Gideon accidentally tripped on a small pebble, and his beak went "boop" on the mouse, and that is the story of how Gideon entered a topic.
Chapter 3- Gideon likes a post by accident
You see, the problem with Gideon's english is that he would mix up the order of words sometimes with those clumsy little brown eyes of his, sometimes repeat one of the words in those sentences! That is to say, he would read, "Me like pancakes!" as "Pancakes like me!" This would mean that Gideon would be a very confused little duck on the forum. Gideon was very fascinated with his new discovery. He picked up another pebble, tripped over it on purpose, and "Boop" went his beak again. Something on the computer had turned red, he observed. What Gideon did, was just liked a post saying, "Like if you want me to leave."
Chapter 4- Gideon gets angry with a forumer
Once he read the post through, he though it said, "Leave if you want me to like you!" Gideon was very angry. Did this forumer want him to leave? All the fluff on his face turned red, as he picked up some more pebbles, tripped over them one by one, bonking his beak on the letters on his purple keyboard with polka dots. "Are you crazy?" he poked out onto the screen. Unfortunately, the words got all mumble-jumbled in his head, and it turned out to be, "You are crazy!" It was Gideon's nap time, and he shut his little computer off, waddling home next to the pond with his 47 brothers and sisters.
Chapter 5- The forumers shout at Gideon
The glow of the sun rested on Gideon's yellow fluff, waking him up.
"Oh giddy goo!" Gideon squealed, fluffing his feathers. "I haves...I haves 20 notificakoins!" One by one, he scrolled through them, and then he read them one by one.

SarahTheBest- You are ssoooooo mean to me! You are the crazy one!"
Nicole123- OMG @NoOne, you are awful!
BobbyTobby- LOLOLOL lemme flag u weirdo
Moderator- Your reply has been automatically hidden.

A single tear formed in Gideon's soft tiny eyes. He started shaking, covering his eyes with his fluffy golden wings. Sobbing into them. Sadness. His purple polka dotted computer was drenched in tears.

Chapter 6- Gideon makes a mistake
Once Gideon finished crying, he made up his silly little mind to have revenge on the forumer.
"Mweh hweh hweh!" he quacked, bonking his head on his keyboard.

He meant to type: @Nicole123 you are hurting my feelings. Do not say OMG because it makes me feel very bad. Don't call me awful.

But Instead: @Nicole123 don't call me a GMO! Call me very bad!

If you don't know, what Gideon just absentmindely said was that Nicole123 called him a GMO, which is a genetically modified organism. Some cows have GMOs in their milk.. Maybe you have tried milk that has cow GMO in it. Who knows?
...and he also told Nicole to call him very bad.
Chapter 7- Gideon makes another mistake
Then Gideon read SarahIsTheBest's reply. As mentioned before, Gideon, you see, had a problem with words. And letters. He mixed up SarahIsTheBest's ssooo in her post with sos. And he thought Sarah was in big, very big trouble. And he made up his mind to help her.
"Oh noes! I must does somethings!" Gideon shrieked loudly.
And so, he asked SarahIsTheBest for her addres.s so he could ask his mommy and daddy to take him there on a field trip with his 47 brothers and sisters to help her. And this started everything that would turn Gideon from a polite little fellow into a beast.
Chapter 8- Gideon gets reported
SarahIsTheBest and Nicole123 were very mad at NoOne. They decided that they would report Gideon and flag all his posts because he was being mean. Unfortunately, when they wrote their email, it sounded like this:
Liza! There's sooo many things wrong with your forum!
No one is saying mean things!
No one is telling us to give them personal information!
No one is telling us to call them weird things!
Help! No one is being very bad!
From, SarahIsTheBest and Nicole123.

As you can imagine, Liza was very confused when she got the email. She thought SarahIsTheBest and Nicole123 were strange. After all, they had said no one was doing anything wrong, so she just deleted the email and ignored it.



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