A small summer contest!



Cause I can't really go on hs that much


Oh, that's ok.
Do you and @Maltese want to give out some prizes? Just wondering


Like spamlikes um......... shoutout on my shoutout topic?


Sure! For which place?


Spam likes for 1st and shoutout for 2nd


Ok! I added that!


Yep I just got notified


Mm.. maybe I can give out some likes or a drawing or something. Their choice. I just can't do anything Hospcotch related. Sorry..


It's ok, but for which place?


I guess for first, second, and third. If that's too much or too little just tell me.


We need more people, can some people try to get more people to join?


I don't know what date would be good for you guys, but I am open for any day.


I think the due date could be July 20 because 10 could be a little to soon. But we need more poeple


@WynFrens come and check this out!


I can't do it but it looks really cool.


I guess I'll enter, but don't count on me actually making a project....


Don't feel any obligation! I just was wondering if anybody did want to join :wink:



Here you go:

[OFFICIAL] Summer Contest 2017 entries

That's pretty cool... it doesn't look like you've made too many projects on that account, though. I just want to make sure that it is you! :wink:


Yeah, I made an account for my mom, but she doesn't use it, so I use it sometimes....