A small summer contest!



Yep! :smiley: — whoops sorry about my confusing words, thanks for telling me :sweat_smile:

  1. Sorry it's coded
  2. Thanks @t1_hopscotch! What kind of prizes can you give out?


Hi Explorer_ :smiley: I think I can give out whatever you may have in mind, did you happen to have anything? :relaxed: (you don't have to decide now or anything, just let me know if you think of anything you might like)


Is it possible to do titles? It's ok if not


Is this a drawing contest.? If so than I'm in!


I think I can do titles! :smiley:


Sorry, it's Coding

Thanks @t1_hopscotch!


Sorry that I'm asking too much, but can you do for all three places?


Could I be judge? Can I?


I'm sorry we are full of judges, but you can give out a prize! It can be a drawing request or a spam like!


Hi Explorer_! It's all good! I was going to say yes, but I'm not really sure how frequently titles were given out previously :thinking:


How about just for 1st place?


Yeah sure! :smile::smile:




@ExpoList anyone wanna do this?
@Gobli09, and @WynterDiamond can we discuss the due day?


I'm here now! I think that the due date for the first round should be July 10th or something.


Idk I'll read it first


This is cool
Do you have to make projects??


I am not on Hopscotch anymore, these notifications kind of bug me.

  1. @Paige1212 Yes, you have to make them. Do you still wanna join?
  2. @Maltese I'm sorry to hear that you don't do HS anymore, and if you mean the HF notifications from my list, then you can remove yourself if you want to.