A small summer contest!



Credit to @PumpkinGirl for the inspiration

I had this last year, I was thinking to do it again, but summer themed. So it won't be a copy of @PumpkinGirl's competition, this one is going to have 3 rounds:

1st round will be beach themed
2nd round will be a summer object
3rd round will be anything summer themed

Judges (may change): @Explorer_, @Gobli09, and @WynterDiamond

PRIZES: (also may change)
1st place
A follow from all the judges
A shoutout in my GT and bio
15 likes on your projects
A project request from one of the judges of your choice
A title from @t1_hopscotch
A spam like from @Paige1212
A drawing or likes from @Maltese

2nd place
A follow from 2 judges of your choice
A shoutout in my GT and bio
10 likes on your projects
A shoutout from @Paige1212
A drawing or likes from @Maltese

3rd place
A follow from a judge of your choice
A shoutout in my GT and bio
5 likes on your projects
A drawing or likes from @Maltese

People enetering:
@Mr.rex Entered 1st round
@Pfifer Entered 1st round

We are finding the day once we get enough people.
Have fun!

I'm putting this on global edit, plz don't edit without my permission.

How Do I Get A T-itle?

Hey, just to let you know I was just posting a topic about a competition that is being worked on by loads of people, not just me. :smile:


Ok! So I'm not the only one. Good to know! Thanks!

Also first two people who ask to be judges get to be judges!


Can I be a judge? :relaxed:


Yes you can! We are accepting one more judge!


@t1_hopscotch any chance you can help me with prizes?


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Any one wanna be judge? Or help with prizes?


Hi! May I be a judge?


Yes you may! You will be our final judge!


Plz tell me if you are entering so I can put it in the list


I am entering! @EXPLORER_


I would like to enter this.


Thank you for adding me! I hope that my judging services will be up to par! :wink:


This is an awesome idea!! I would be happy to :smiley:

I think I'll tell people too I'd be glad to help out via prizes like titles and other things now, I guess I've been a bit conscious about reputation but I think it'll be okay, people seem excited.


I'm sorry, but we haven't started yet, it's an amazing project though!


So can you do prizes? I didn't really understand that.


So hang on... will we get to pick what theme or will it be where you need to create it before the round for the type ends.


The first two rounds are chosen, the third round is anything with summer
But we need enough people to join. Then I can find the correct day


When you say theme, do you mean it has to be coded, or can you draw too?