A Sine and Cosine Tutorial



@DancingLollipop Nice Job!


Thanks! :D


What I do with sin and cos is mess around with numbers until I do something I like...


The whole point of the tutorial is so you don't do that...


Yeah, I know. I usually do leave a trail code with sin and cos, and have kind of figured out what each bit does!


How to do sine and cosine in Hopscotch:

1) Do random stuff
2) Repeat step 1 until it sorta works


I will make a video for that later!


@UptownStudios I tried sin and cos on our march madness entry. It was, let's just say surprising. :joy:


I really liked your edition, it was super happy! plus the code was interesting, i liked everything about it!


I made the ball revolve around your finger where ever you move your finger on the screen.
Link Here! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

Using sin and cos?



No °ω°
How many of u guys use griffen's Unicode site?


I put sine in x and cosine in y all de time


What I mean is the tutorial didn't halp meh so I said no... Ima trolololililololololol


Using Mathy stuff and triangles, I figured this out a bit early, but thanks, this clears a few things up and helps me out.


This is great! :open_mouth: Even for me, Sine and Cosine were hard to use :stuck_out_tongue:. Thanks for the tutorial


Such a neat and easy-to-understand tutorial! Fantastic work, @UptownStudios! I would highly recommend this how-to for everyone :slight_smile:

No you are not :wink: It took me many tries to learn that too! It actually still works fine with sine in X and cosine in Y, except that the angles are different. Instead of 0 degrees starting on the right, it starts from the top instead.


This is a great tutorial!

@Jades, have a look!




Thank you this helped a lot!!!