A simulator collab

I just miss working in a collab, in the summer comp, and Idk if Team 13’s collab (@GOATGAMES) is still going on. So I wanted to make a mass collab of my own. I decided for 7 coders and me, so it is big enough to create a great project, but not too big so it gets messy. If you want to join, I’ll tell u the username and password by remixing your project. And put your hs username down below :).

Would you like to collaborate?
  • Sorry, too busy,
  • I would love to!
  • No thanks
  • Accident

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I’m not a fan of these

Reading younger coders code is confusing and time consuming


Ehh, I’m okay with it.


No thanks

I quit collabs unless I just really wanna collaborate with someone


I am quite busy at the moment, and also I have a lot of alts already, and logging in and out of them has gotten glitchy. But, I would love it if you could share with me the collaboration account’s username so I can check out the project when it’s all done. The best of luck to your simulator!


Oh. But I didn’t say there was gonna be an acc


I’d love to help dude! I have some stuff going on this week, but that should clear up next week

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I would love to help you and collab ! But I am not sure if there are things up my schedule this week but I will definitely try to !