A sign of appreciation to leaders


Hi! Welcome to this topic!
So y'all know that 4 leaders are lea.ving and all leaders are demoted to regulars. Welcome to reg world! The leaders had done soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(continues 1000000x time XD)mu-_drinks water beside me JK _ and why not we show our appreciation for them? We can make projects for them! I'm currently making a project for BAS.
List of leaders:
Um..can anyone tell me more leaders?
Post the link here! After a few entries I'll tag all the leaders!
Tag list(NOT OMTL)


I will make their fav food




I dunno wut to make.
I'll draw them I think…


Ya! Kewl!


But I dunno how they look leike…


The other leader is @PopTart0219

I wanna do something. I dunno what


O, thought she left before the demotion


A game? A pixel art?


I'll think about it.


Think fast! Lol


Can I do a drawing for them? Plz? I dunno what else I should do.




This is a great idea! I won't be able to help today, but maybe tomorrow... :smiley:


Yay! Thanks a lot! Aweosme!


Great topic! They'll probably all feature in my website but idk what to make...


You can make a Cosine stuffs for the leaders! Like a Cosine snowman for BAS. A Cosine math stuffs for MathGirl
A Cosine snowflake for Frosty


Hi!Welcome! You can chat here! Ask help!


Sounds cool!!

Seems I'll be doing lots of shoutout projects in the future :0


Hi @Marshmallow! Tag me anytime you want help like this: "@KVJ"