A shoutout to someone who deserves it A LOT



So there's this coder named Simply Unknown who is a REALLY good coder but no one sees him, you know that feeling when you see someone with not a lot of likes on a super good project and you want to just click it repeatedly hoping that they'll get 1000 likes? Well this guy deserves it he quit and then came back because he missed hopscotch so can I get a lot of people to go like his projects? Please?!

Can I just have one more like to get good topic? Idk someone random: @SnowGirl_Studios


That is really nice of you to do that for someone. I will go like as many projects of his as I can. You should make like a club of people who go like the projects of people who are good at coding but aren't noticed.


link so we can like!!!


I'm thinking about doing weekly Shoutouts, do you mind if I come here for some awesome people? :grinning:


Absolutely Unknown, eh? Who is he? I can't find him.


He changes his name a lot so It might be hard


Maybe you should give us the link to one of his projects so we can find him!


Yes, definitely!


Oh he changed it to "Simply Unknown" https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvy3ukmv5


-sees amazing projects- Mom, please let me use my I pad.... i need to do something...


Before this topic was made, I was making a shoutout to him! I'm not finished yet! :D


Ok whoa. He was the one who made that Age Calculator? I thought that was Funky... This guy is incredible!


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I ser he'd up his name
And I already followed him and have spamed liked him before


Yeah I follow him! I also spam-liked all his projects. But he's not really unknown...Doesn't he get around 40 likes per project? That's not a lot for you populars. but it still seems like a large number to me!


Same as me on most of my projects I get around
10-20 on some others I get 30-35
But my one project with the most likes has 123 likes


I must follow this guy!!! Unless I already follow him but I don't think I do... I'm not sure.


Never mind I do follow Simply Unknown!


@Ashtonman you can't ask for a shout out you have to earn it! I'm sorry but that's not what this topic is for. Now, instead of flagging I'm going to politely ask you to delete you post. Thank you!


Ok sorry I didn't know I deleted and we're all good :stuck_out_tongue: