A shoutout to all hopscotchers



All you guys are the best because you help me out alot
@CreativeCoder for being kind in a smart way
@Rawrbear funny
And @everyone for being juice and awesome even if you are meen,dont know me,or dont like me i still have kindess for you so thanks to @everyone


Remember: if you want to give a shoutout, do it on a different topic, like the "Say Thanks to a Hopscotcher" one! :wink:

Here's a like! :heart:


I would put this at the "Say Thanks to a Hopscotcher" topic :wink:


Well you can change if you want to @PopTart0219


Oh right, I can. I totally forgot about that


@PopTart0219 merge this post into that topic


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Its going to close????


At the nearest hour, it will close because I moved it to a new topic


Archiving, listing, merging...wat u doin PT?

(I know what you're doing, but that's a lot of things :p)


Honestly, I don't really know :sweat_smile:

I'm going to make this note booked and trying something out. When it goes off, @ me, so I can make it unlisted. I'm going to see if that's efficient for "cleaning up"


Thanks technology and science


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