A Shadow-y plan



What does Shadow actually do? Is she with the Jedi? Rebels? Empire? Which era is she from?
The Republic Crisis? Clone Wars? Empire Era???


All you people who didn’t vote for stay there I’m sorry but if you want I can make a small side of one of the options you choose.

Ok so Shadow decided to stay where she is and watch this droid. She knows she is technically supposed to be watching the house but she doesn’t care. The droid moves to her right and gets pretty close. She tries hard to memorize its features. She makes a mental note that it is a blue R2 unit. It seems to be heading to Obi-Wan’s house. This entire time she is watching the little droid go she doesn’t notice someone came out of the house. She decides to hide from the droid but knows the Little R2 unit probably already sensed her. The newest astromech probably would have sensed her from the house, but this droid wasn’t new she could tell. She wonders to herself what to do next.
What should Shadow do?

  • Follow the droid!
  • Go tell Obi-Wan the droid is coming
  • Keep watching the house

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Anyone else want to vote before I add the next section?

Cause without my vote, it’s a tie.


I voted to stay at the house.


gosh that was long waited. My poor little Star Wars story


Am I allowed to write in it?

Your writer name (optional): Jojo
Have you written any stories: Loads! I might copy-paste something I’m writing when I get back onto my iPad.


Have you seen ALL the Star Wars movies: My friend invited me over to his house a couple months ago for a sleepover and I watched the main trilogy for the first time.

If it’s a requirement to watch ALL of them. I guess I’ll do that on the weekend or Friday night sometime.

How many times do you plan on additionally writing: I don’t know. I’m on here a lot so if you want me to, I just will.

Will you not kill off Shadow: Do you not want me to kill off Shadow? I kinda like it when a story kills off the main character as long as it’s dignified.

What are 3 facts about Shadow:

  1. I have one of her namesakes
  2. She’s your OC.
  3. I don’t know a third fact about her that isn’t super obvious. That’s still a fact.


Not unless u fill out the “guest writer” thingy.


I did it.


Congratulations u can be a guest writer, (I contact u via tag when u can add a chapter!)

Anyways, don’t kill off my Shadow plez. She dies later on. Also umm currently we r in the wonderful New Hope ERA so we stay in the original trilogy



I’ve actually watched those ones :D