A secret collaboration if you want to join view this


This is a secret collaboration with only people who ask to join and that are super responsible and have cool projects here is how it works tell me your hopscotch username and I will check out your projects if I type on one of your projects WK in you have joined but make sure the account that did it has the username secret project


Kathryn Janeway, (no comma), I was just wondering what criteria you use for "cool projects"


Phase Admin®, the r sign is a emoji on Hopscotch. I recently made a draw and play @Work_kids_coding.


My username is AwesomeKitty, and one of my most famous projects is my "Pixel Art Captain Ameraminion!"


My username is Isaacwotwot ( No :grinning: if you see a :smiley: At the end it's my old account) Check me out!


SUPERSWAGGY88. I'm not sure what"cool projects" are exactly, but I guess 2 game changers is enough.


Glitter Kitty Studios


Games:smiley:,The one I am getting heated up on is a Ipad look at it here https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xjui79l8v


Hey @superswaggy I remember making thing with you in April I was thegabester remember me?
Also don't flag this please
I hope you have fun on your collab


Friendship Studios is my username


my username is hopscotch king. the one who posted wedraw.


My username is Harry Potter :zap:️ I think you know me from your company .


My username is game_difficulter:video_game::space_invader:. Hope you like any of my projects.


Everyone that asked can join! @game_difficulter @h


Can I join 20 characters


Wait... EVERYONE??????????


Joewheels2 I have made lots of good games:)


Yep now it is everyone that asked


Now the title is making be suspicious (after all this hacking stuff with almost all collab accounts in in are hacked I'm being more alert than ever!) sorry if this sounds mean but I don't want it to! Just saying that the "secret collab" is a bit hacker like.... Again sorry if this sounds mean. If it is it not spost to be.