A return/undo button so you can go back if you accidently delete code


I was thinking if there could be a “return button” like you have in Word, PowerPoint etc. so you can just go back if you accidentally deleted a code. I think that would be a great feature…


If you shake the device it’ll bring up an Undo Deletion button (but warning, it doesn’t work very well)


Yeah, it would be!
Cuz most of the time the current undo/redo does absolutely nothing for me.

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Yes, this is a great idea! There is technically a function like this already, but I agree with the people above, it does have some bugs.


That’s a great idea! I hate it when I delete code by accident then can’t get it back.


Yeah I agree with everything people already said
Good idea

@Ana will you and tht think about adding this and/or fixing the undo/redo bug?


I definitely agree. it is super annoying when you do that. :weary:


I never knew that!
That’s good to know


“Some” – THT should have a diff log between previous edits instead of trying to save it as a variable what was last deleted. My interpretation may be wrong, but I think that is how it became so buggy


You’re probably right.