A Request for SmilingSnowflakes


@SmilingSnowflakes Is there any way you could make me a text art rainbow? It needs to be just with text and no leave a trail. Thanks so much if you can!


I can do it! :D

Here's a like :heart:!


Can you make a text art where it's 3D and :rainbow: thanks!


Thanks so much! (The only reason it has to be with text is it won't work in the project if it has leave a trails) :wink:


Here's a like :heart:!

Once I'm finished with the stadium for the 2016 project, I'll start. :D
^ I will be finished soon. :3 ^


@SmilingSnowflakes you should make a request topic. :wink:
You get so many!


@SmilingSnowflakes I can turn this into one if you want! :wink:



I finished the rainbow! :D
I'm sorry it took so long.

Here is the link!


Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes!