A really confuzzling topic... and stuff


So, you have been warned. This topic is confuzzling. Be prepared. If you don't actually care, leave the topic and do something useful. If you don't want to attempt to think up a reply, do something that actually matters other than replying to my useless little topic...

Life is other people. If you say, "Why do you care what others think?" this is why.

Let's say there's a bully. Let's say someone says, "Why do you care what that meanie-beanie thinks of you?" Well, if that guy doesn't like you, since he's a bully, he'll bully you.

I don't care what other people think of me as far as looks, likes and dislikes, personality, blah blah blah.

But when it comes to the point of what that person thinks of you determining whether or not they'll treat you well, then I care what they think.

So, I'm very scared that I'll lose what very little respect I've got on this forum. I don't want to lose my only friends, or people who will support me. I feel unsafe and unstable here, like people will get mad at me at any second.

If it ever seems like I'm caring too much about what everyone else thinks about me, this is why.

Anyways, I'd like you to be as honest as possible with what you think of me.

If you don't like me, tell me why. I won't be upset with you.

If you do like me, don't give filler compliments like 'nice' or 'funny.' Be sincere.

That way I can improve, and do my best to be a likeable person. Because, honestly, would you want me to be unlikeable?


I honestly think you're an amazhang and very nice Hop. You're smart, funny and helpful and can always help make my ugh moments into potato moments. You're a great friend.

Now stop being self-deprecating and accept your awesomeness please.


I think that you have the potential to be super famous as a nice, funny, enjoyable person! But you need to be more active. Other than that your on your road to fame

EDIT; Is this what the topic is about?


I agree. You are on the road to fame. You just need to be a bit more active.


You're fine as far as I can tell
Isn't everyone paranoid?