A Quick Note From Me


Hey, guys.

Just so wanted to make a quick topic about me being a little more inactive.

In short...

I'll be less active. I'm trying to focus on school more.

More explanation...

So, I have this reputation of being a super smart kid. I don't know how I got that reputation, because I'm really not that smart, but anyway, that's how I'm seen. So I'm constantly pressured to live up to that.

For example, if I get, say, a 95% on a test, and another kid gets a 97%.

I will be told things like:

"Ha! I got a better grade than you! I thought you were supposed to be smart."

So, yeah. I'm super insecure and under pressure, mostly from myself.

I'm really not asking for pity, I just had to get that off my chest. I also know kids are in much worse situations than what I'm in. So I won't feel sorry for myself.

So if I'm super mean or strict, more than I usually am, it's probably because of this. Thanks for reading.

Also, sorry I'm been so negative...


k ;-;



I and everyone else understand!

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k. I understand. ;-;

I have the same reputtion.


Boy do I understand!

I do very hard math, more so than the rest of my class, and once I got a C on a test.

So someone comes up to me, and is like, "Seriously? A C? You're supposed to be smart."

I have high expectations from my family, and I just feel so pressured when I don't do as well as they want.

I'm so sorry. You can always talk to me. I totally understand, and it's totally okay.


Oh, and my science and math grades now count toward my high school GPA, so I need to focus on those a little more, even though they're relatively easy.

(Sounds like bragging, but believe me, it's not.)


You don't need to say sorry for being negative. Being pressured is so hard. I had a 'friend' that pressured me to do everything for him, and bullied me whenever I didn't live up to his expectations of centering my life around him.

Insecurity can push anyone down, and I want to build you up in any way I can. You don't have to be 'smart' or any other label. If you want to be an absolute dolt, that's fine with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, no, you must feel so freaked out, like you need to focus on everything at once!

Don't worry, people mistake everything I say for bragging :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally get what you mean by that.


Dang... That's me in a nutshell, except all of the comments are asian stereotypes. Like, I have to win, be the best at, know everything etc. Last year I fell asleep in math a couple of times. Then I turned on my computer and started online classes.


I feel you. ;-;
Once I got a 90 on an essay and some girl was like "Woah, ____ didn't get a 100?", feigning incredulousness.

Pressure can be positive. But not when it's delivered in the form of insults or about really insignificant percentages that won't matter when you're older. Just remember your boss/the world won't care if you got a 77 or a 97 on your math quiz, so don't pressure yourself too much, to the point where you begin to break down.
This is super ironic that I'm giving you advice about this, because I suffer from the exact same thing. That pretty much sums up my school life.

So, just try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and try not to pay attention to the short-sightedness of others. (Even though I know it's not that easy.)

I understand, is what I'm trying to say. (And that I said through many long, probably unnecessary, paragraphs.)


Iz okay! (smart, @Gilbert189. Some hops don't even say they'll be inactive! :D)


My parents have SUPER high expectations. If I get, like, 5 or 2 wrong on a test, my dad be like " You didn't get 100%?! NO MORE iPAD."


Well, the worst part is, my "friends" are the ones doing this. So, after trying to tell them this in a group chat with all of my class last year, (A few of my real friends sided with me.) I was shot down with things about how I was complaining over nothing.

So, I decided to write a poem about what they were doing, without mentioning names, and just subtle enough to not let anyone else know about what it was really about. But they knew.

And then I read it to my entire English class.

It was probably the bravest thing I've ever done at school, but it totally made them be quiet. Now, that doesn't mean everyone stopped, but that group definitely did.

It was literal poetic justice.

But I'm glad you know how I feel, because I'm really putting a lot of internal pressure on myself to be the best. I know it doesn't matter in the scheme of things, but I can't get myself to stop. I'm super stressed and I worry 24/7.


You sound like a male version of me XD

I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same way every day!

Don't feel like you have to apologize for school. I've been inactive too!


I'd side with you! :D


Gotcha Gilbert(o) :wink:


Honestly I have the same thing with kids doing this to me

I'm the smartest kid in my grade so whenever someone gets a higher grade than me they start to say "BOI U STUPI.D"





Use "stewpid" it's better than to try to beat "stupi.d"

Why am I here XD


Sjskjedjmdjdkdldl-pid. :D


I'm know as the theatre geek so it's not that hard to life up to that. But keep trying! If someone tells you that you were supposed to be the smart kid tell them you can be whatever you want! Have fun! Forget the stereo-types!!!