A question... Please answer it if able too


I've got a question... If someone doesn't reply to you, is that rud.e or is it just fine, or do you ignore it? I don't do it, but sometimes it happens to me and they just like my question and don't reply. Help me plz. I really need to know plz. :-||


I think it's fine! You don't need to reply every time. Sometimes you don't see it and sometimes you can't answer.

That's what I think!

Is it rude if you don't reply to a post?

  • Yes
  • No


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Well, i'd say that it's completely fine not to answer a question. You might find it rude, but I think you should always try to be nice back. If you really want an answer, you could remind them in some way, maybe by tagging them.


I think the same!


Well, I guess it's not totally rude, but it can be annoying :/

I don't like to do it at all! :D


Awsome! Thunk @BB-Box!


Here is an example:


Are you always reply at posts like that?


Yeah. Wow. This topic has suddenly become full of people... Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But 2 people in like 3mins!


Yeah I'm talking bout:

Hey username what contest is that for?


That's probably gonna be off-topic anyway XD


That was what I think!

Should we ask @PopTart0219 if she can close this?




Ok. One more thing before she does... What if someone does it a lot, like whenever I tag that person?


Then that would get very annoying, and almost rude...


Would if I feel like I annoy THEM? I'm sorry I should stop asking questions but... One more?


Well then, you can ask them "sorry, am I annoying you?" And if they say yes, then try to work on not annoying them and if they say no, well then we'll all eat pizza


Hmmmm... :neutral_face:

very interesting -.-




soz pls dun flag iz nut spam ;-;


Lol. Ok. No... I thought u were thinking of my favourite hopscotcher ever that I think is the most amazing inspiring person in the whole universe. But no. XD


Ah, u mean LotsaPizza?

Yeh well no sry