A Question for Liza (and anybody else who wants to participate)



As some of you all may know, my drawing topic hit 100 likes. I noticed a few weeks back that there were new badges, but I don't think there is one for 100 likes. Maybe, if you make one, it could be called "Awesome Topic" or if it is a reply "Awesome Post"

@Liza what do you think?


That would be awesome and you would be one of the only ones getting it :3


Well you got to ask discorse, not Lisa...


I think Liza can choose to add badges, though.


Admins can add new badges. That would awesome! And maybe for 100 likes on a posts too!



There have been so many great topics and posts, but they are still gaining likes!


Yeah, there should be a badge like that.


So I sent the HT an email, and @Meg replied. (Thanks!)

Hi LazyLizard!

Thanks so much for sharing this idea—it's a great one! I'll pass it on to the team.

Just as a heads up: our biggest priorities right now are building an iPhone editor and improving the web player. As part of the iPhone project, we might do some work on the editor to make it more powerful, like copy/paste, “self” variables, and more.

Things like adding images, comments, more sounds, and new characters are on our list but won’t be built for some time. But, we're always eager to add to our list so appreciate hearing from you.



It's a pretty good idea I think that there should be a better name for it



I had imagined it as "Amazing Topic", but maybe there are other ideas!


True dat. 100 is a nice threshold number anyways


Yeah, it is!
My drawing topic has 100 likes and I'm super excited!


What would be past gold then? There's always bronze, silver, then gold. So...?

I also have a good idea for whole new badges, I'm emailing the idea to Liza! :smile:


Yeah I'm excited to. Hope she makes that for you


After gold is usually like platinum sometimes I'm not sure what's after that


Maybe elite!

I got that from madden- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite. (Bronze is worst, Elite is best!) (And a cool shade of red)



And then Diamond


Platinum is above gold...


But wouldn't we have to redo all badges!? It's always been bronze, silver, gold. For every category. For every trust level. What would the platinum badge be for trust level? What would be the platinum badge for liking? They'd basically have to redo all of the badges...


This is actally a pretty good idea
I think of it like super popular post/reply