A Question About The GigaPad



Hey @MagmaPOP,

How did you make the unfinished GigaPad not laggy?! It has so many colors, and usually drawing pads with that many colors lag waaaay more!

So my main question: How did you make it not lag?


I don't know...


I use an iPad Air and lag with draw pads is... Crazy!
What type of iPad did you use?


Magma pop on hopscotch is like dominate with the pop the lock and minecraft sneak up


Um when are you going to finish it?


I don't know, it takes hours of just copying, pasting, adding new entities and rules... So it's extremely boring :sweat_smile:


Can I finish it!




What's whit if I finish it but just not publish it can i do that?


What's the point in you adding another 100+ colors if you can't publish it?


Um it's useless but might be fun... So can I?


Make your own instead! That way you can publish it without my name in the corner...


Okay good idea!!