A question about hopscotch forum



What does this mean in hopscotch forum


Earned Member is a badge, and the other thing I don't know what you mean.


In the forum, there are different "Trust Levels". It ranges from Basic to Leader. Basic is the level you get at the very beginning. Member is the second level allowing you to post more. After you are on the forum for a long time, you get promoted to Regular which allows you to access a secret category called the "Lounge". The Hopscotch Team are the only people right now who can promote you to Leader. They can manage (open/close) topics. Hope this helped! Tell me if you have any other questions. Welcome to the forum!


There are different trust levels there's basic, member, regular, leader (it's in order) you have to do certain things to go up. You got 2 trust levels. If you have any questions you can ask me and btw welcome to the forum! I hope I helped you :wink:


Were can you like find my trust level


I don't know but if you go on your profile you can go on badges and you can sort of see it


Thanks Rubywolf1 you reall y have helped me alot .THANKS.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You're welcome if you need any more help just tell me! What's your hopscotch name?


My name is also Xboxboy in hopscotch and if you go to hopscocth and type in a note about me it will tell you all about me. What is your hopscotch name


I'm RubyWolf I'm glad I helped you


You to but i can keep talking because it will be off topic:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Lol my topic is in it!


Lol. Meber. Anyways for you second question... First ( if your in latest ) we have the profile picture of the person who replied just recently. Then you have how many people have replied on that topic. Then you have how long ago that person posted


Thank you! I had no idea about this stuff!