A question about docs



This isn't really help with code, but I wasn't sure where else to put this. XD

So let's just say that you are writing a story on docs, and you want someone on the forum to read it, and you don't want to post it on the forum. Can you send it to that person, but restrict them to read only? Then they can read it, but can't talk. :D


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I can create a PM for the two (or more) of you so only you guys can see it! Just @ me or any of the other mods on "Talk to a Hopscotcher" and I'm sure we'll all be willing to! :smiley:


Really? You can do that? Then I might need your help


That's awesome! Thank you! :D


What's docs? And how do I get it?


I believe they mean Google Docs?


You download the app or get it online. But now Docs is banned as a means of communication outside the forums


@Kiwicute2016, then can I have a pm with @Sensei_Coder and @RubyStars to judge my competition? I made a topic for it in the lounge but I'd rather have a pm.


Sure! I just want everyone to be aware that admins can see PMs so be good children. XD

Did you get it? I'm doing it on a phone so it's probably not working. XD


Realky? You guys will set up PMs for peeps??


So like if we were hosting a contest and wanted to judge in private,
You would make us a pm?

Also, like what r pms? How do u get them? Can only mods make them



PMs are short for Private/Personal Messages. Basically they're a regular topic, but private to only you and who ever you want it to be private to. Only moderators and admins can make them.

Questions about PMs
Questions about PMs

Soon this is gonna be filled with people asking for PMs XD


Got it!
Was there ever a time on the forum when anyone could have a pm? I thought I heard someone say that once but idk.


No. :D

Edit: I'm wrong look :arrow_down:


Yeah, at the very beginning before there were any users. Liza disabled PMing from the beginning. :stuck_out_tongue:



So what are admins? I'm so confused.
I thought there was just leader and mod. Not admin



They can control the layout of the website as well as shut it down, disable and enable things, etc


Is @Kiwicute2016 a mod or @BuildASnowman or @PopTart0219