A private messages question



i have no idea how the pms work. am i currently able to send pms at the trust level i am at? if i am, how do i do it? i do not see a button that indicates that i want to private message someone. would anyone mind giving me some help? thanks.


The Hopscotch Team have disabled Personal Messages on this forum.

Hope this helps.


oh, really? why did they do that?


Because only a few people can see them.
The users involved and admins.

Since they don’t want anything they can’t immediately see if they want, they banned them and removed them.

Hope this helps.


thank you for helping! i wondered why there wasn’t a button to pm someone! =)


Yeah, they’re disabled, but I wish THT would allow them, because they’re useful when you want to, say, discuss details of a club in secret.


you can still make PMs though


Private messaging is not allowed on this forum, unfortunately.


Like others said, THT (The Hopscotch Team) have disabled PMs on this forum for a number of reasons.