A Possible Game!


I may or may not scrap that RPG, and instead make a 2D Slime Rancher type game.

What are your thoughts on this?
Personally I vote Slime Rancher.


Cool that sound awesome
But it's a up to you too choose as its your project

I personally think the slime rancher one though

  • Slime Rancher
  • RPG



Anyone else?


OMG I LUV SLIME RANCHER IT WOULD BE A DREAM FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE IT!!!!! *Squeal!!!! I mean. *Cough, Slime Rancher is so awesome you should do that one!


Bump...Bump...Ouch! My head!


What are you doing


I would like some motivation to stop me being a couch potatoe! Work AHC! Work!




What UI/Control system would be best?



*slowly slinks out of topic*


Come baaaaacccckkkkkkk!


Slumps of couch yawns *Grabs potatoe


Anyone else? XD


You could collab with me on a Tynker project.
If you make a Tynker account and reply I'll tell you my google+ name and you can PM me there with the username/password.