A poll you can make it to


  • I did it
  • Did not do it


I made a pole if you ask I will tell you how to make it


What do you mean by the poll options @Work_kids_coding?

I made a post showing how to make a poll here if anyone does want to know :smile: Like I said on that post, if anyone does make a poll, make sure you're still sticking to the Community Guidelines and don't stray off-topic :smiley:


I was seeing if people thought I made one or thought I did not


On and do not advertise that link cause I offered to do what that link does on here


I was not advertising it, I added it for the purpose of showing how to do a poll if someone is wondering how to do one and I was just trying to help :smile:


But I was going to tell everyone how to


That's really nice of you :blush: sure you can show people how to, I was just trying to help that's all. I was just referring to that post so we don't have to repeat things in different posts, but of course you can show people how to :smiley: that's great!


OK thanks phew I just started making them today