A poll about my new game!


I am making a new game, it is called "Trophy Buck" It is a dice game. Now, I need an array to make the full game, but I don't have that, so I have to choose a way to simplify it. I think the community could help me with that! So let me explain the rules of the game:

There are twelve dice, on your turn you take three dice from the bag and roll them, you can get points, startles, and tracks. There are four tiers of dice, the higher the tier, the more startles and less point sides there are, however the point sides give you more points if you roll them. You collect the points.

Now you have a choice: You can use your tracks with more dice from the bag to make three dice and roll again. Or you can pass the turn over to the other person.

I have 2 options for simplifying it:

  • Option A: Have 1 tier of dice, with 3 on-screen dice.
  • Option B: Have all 4 tiers of dice, with 1 on-screen dice.

Please vote in the poll below:

  • Option A
  • Option B


*Please note: I just want an opinion on this, I may or may not go with the winner of the poll.


Woah! The polls are sky-rocketing!


When your the only one that chooses an option on a poll


Did you choose A? HIOEITN20C?


I chose B :joy:


I see....I like A!


B is catching up! We will decide when we get to 20 votes! Get your votes in!


Just two more votes folks! Who can win this?!


Choose B! I just want it to be tie to tick you off lol


EPIC FAIL! There are still more votes for A.


*quickly makes another forum account and votes for b


I couldn't choose so I picked a​:weary::scream::hugging::grinning:


The polls are closed! A won!


Just wondering, what do the startles and tracks do? This sounds like a cool game! :grinning:


If you get three startles you lose all your points in that turn. Tracks are a sort of spacer for the dice. You roll have the option to roll them again with more dice, as a three roll.