A Particularly Dangerous Bug



Did you try clicking on the drafts? Could you load them? Were the draft image 'previews' there? I think I may have an idea of what is going on.


Yup! Everything worked and everything was loading fine!


Are you still on that account on your ipad or have you logged out?


I was forced out because my iPad restarted the app and that happened to log me out.

waits for BAS's ingenious response


Wait so is fixed?! Or no?!


This sort happened to me too, when I was on the iPhone. I created account an account on my phone but I was actually logged in as someone else. They hadn't published projects or anything, but they had 5 drafts, they had followed people, and they started in December of 2015.


I really have no idea what is going on... I would have to have someone actually experience the bug to poke around with it :stuck_out_tongue: Do any of you have any idea what might have triggered this? Was some condition different than it normally was?


Answer to both questions: the new update

A more serious answer: probably the age of my iPad and how glitchy it is.

I'm on my iPad Air right now.


Can you contact THT?
I'm scared :disappointed_relieved:

I better delete my drafts ;~;


They don't respond on weekends so I have to wait until Monday,


Oh no...........................……


Eehhh that's looks bad :grimacing:
I have an iPad 2 and am trying to recreate the bug currently..if I do happen to succeed, I won't do anything to the account for sure. I just want to know the exact steps to getting it so I don't accidentally change something on someone's account for the worse :frowning:


Step 1. Open Hopscotch

Step 2. Check if you're logged into someone else's account.

Works best with an extremely glitchy iPad.


Oh no :tired_face:

(glares furiously at the people with old iPhones/iPads)


I have an extremely glitchy iPad so this should work XD


Quick question is anyone just taking a screen shot of their acount but just with their name changed?:expressionless:


YES! I forgot the username and immediately logged out
It was

On iPad mini 3!

On iPad mini 3!

On iPad Mini 3!

On iPad mini 3!

On iPad mini 3!
On iPad mini 3!


My iPad just crashed. When I logged into Hopscotch, I had drafts again!!! I used to have two!! All of my deleting work is gone!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I don't think KC would do that.


gulp hope this doen't happen with me!

by that, someone logging into my account!