A Particularly Dangerous Bug



Using my iPad 2, because my iPad Air was out of battery, I decided to use Hopscotch. I was surprised to be logged out of my account, but didn't think much of it so I logged back in. Nothing unusual. I decided to check some other apps and came back to Hopscotch. Because of the age of my old iPad, it restarts apps regularly, so I wasn't surprised.

But I was surprised to see I was logged into another account! The username was kcrusher05. The account was created in January and he/she hasn't published or liked any projects. But since I'm logged into that account, I can see all of his/her drafts.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if you do, common decency tells you not to do anything to the account.

Edit: I was logged out of the account

Whaaaaaa? What on earth is going on

Oh yea.

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I never experienced it, but what if someone gets into MagmaPOP or SmileyAlissa?


that would be a disaster


Maybe people might be accidentally hacking!
Thanks for telling us!


I have an iPad 2 too. But I use my mini iPad a lot. Maybe I'll see tonight.


That happened to me too! Heres a screenshot I took of it. This was on beta, and I could not log in anymore! The password and the user was correct, so this was so weird.


I wonder if that is how my draft got deleted... still too lazy to email team hopscotch


Dun dun dunnnn.... AAAAAHHHH!!!! REEEDD ALERT!! I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON A PROJECT SINCE SEPTEMBER (when I joined) AND IT IS THE BIGGEST, MOST BEST PROJECT I HAVE EVER MADE. EVER! WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS TO ME??????? :weary::weary::weary::weary: So many valuable drafts! Ok... maybe I was exaggerating. But still!


"Has anyone else experienced this? And if you do, common decency tells you not to do anything."
What does that mean?


It means if you know what is good to do then don't touch their stuff


It means, don't do anything to the account.


Oh good, I did not.


I have an iPad 2 as well. I could go and check, but so far, nothing has happened to me, so...

Good Sign(ish)


It happened to me too!

I tried clicking a draft and it was blank, I came out and it disappeared.


Am i the only one that sees that there is a bear on top and shapes on bottom for the logo thingy


That's weird, it hasn't happened to me yet ( on iPad Air 2) but I'll watch out


I've noticed this on the beta app, but never the normal one. Weird.


That happend when (LONG ago) I was using the iPhone alpha version, before the update and I was logged into some other account, I just deleted the app after.
Also, is it just on iPad 2, or should I be aware of it?


I think my moms school iPad is and IPad 2. If I find it, I'll test it out.