A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted


Impersonation. Huh


That no exposing pepoles private information rule really ruins my Tuesday


Why so?


No reason not trying to dox anyone or anything


@Ana What do you mean closed due to its theme? I guess I’m just a bit confused because there wasn’t an argument in it for months, and there were definitely projects being made around it.
Just wondering how other topics like the LGBT topic are allowed but not this, when there have been flame wars around both

Not to be rude. I understand your point of view though. Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:


Shipping happens quite frequently in schools. And it honestly is in the media.


So does promiscuity and substance abuse… :unamused:
Presence of an activity doesn’t equate to acceptance.
But you already knew that. :wink: