A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted


That’s what I thought at first, so I asked some regulars who said it was deleted.


Yeah last one I saw was topic 5, but no activity in such a long time, so I assumed that was the wrong one, and couldn’t find anything more recent


I’m not ignoring your question in the least. If you don’t mind waiting through the weekend, I hope to have an answer for you next week. :blush:


Of course, no rush. :)


@codingCupcake123 I know, and I saw that.
I talked to Ana about it a day or two after that happened, and she said she’ll talk with the rest of THT and see what will happen with that. However, I don’t think it was an accidental deletion. So for now, it’s best to not make another topic about that since there have been flame wars etc and if not officially approved, there might be some backlash and flames. And it’d probably end up getting deleted again.

Like Jazz said, we’ll try to get back to you within the week :slight_smile:
I hope this helped


If I were to upload artwork that could potentially be viewed as dating but I say that the people in it are simply friends or are not interested in each other like that, will my post still be flagged? I find it unfair that anything that could be seen as shipping or dating can be flagged regardless of whether or not it was actually inappropriate.


Yes, it will still be flagged and the pic will still be edited out.

The guidelines aren’t concrete, so you have to avoid even the appearance (paraphrased from the discourse guidelines)


Is it sad that I made an entire paragraph explaining why I don’t like this rule before I realized that you don’t have much control over it?

Anyhow, I suppose I understand but I’d like to know THT’s reasoning behind it, since this has almost never caused a problem on this forum before.


Nah, you still realized that and I’m grateful for that

I’d offer an explanation but since you would like one from THT themselves, tag Ana and ask her. I’m sure she’d give you a response


Hello there @1000001


If you can give an explanation then please give it lol, I’m scared to tag ana.


Greetings and salutations.


Lol well, basically, THT has some stuff in mind for this, and to be able to do that, they need this place to be actually appropriate for little kids and more coding related.
Shows or even implying or having an appearance of datìng and all isn’t really child appropriate. y’know how there are “no pda” rules at schools and all, yeah? Same goes for here basically. If it’s not school appropriate or smth you wouldn’t mind on the front page of every magazine and newspaper in the world, don’t post it basically.
Dating and romantic stuff would mostly fall under that category.

@Ana could explain the no dating/showing affection rule better (yeah I did just tag her for you, yw lol)


Some of the art that has gotten flagged recently is school appropriate, though.

But yes, I get where you’re coming from. Thanks :)


Yes, but parents might not want their kids seeing stuff like handholding etc, basically stuff that counts as pda, even if over a screen

Yeah. Anytime :)) and thank you for actually understanding haha


Hey I have a few questions abt this uwu

  1. I only posted my video via Vimeo bc I don’t think there is any other way to post a video on here(other than linking to another website). So would that mean I wouldn’t be able to post my own drawing videos (which don’t show my face or anything) on here at all?
  2. could you post a picture of urself with the face blotted out an any other identifying things in the picture?
  3. content that contains dating means no couple art? Or shipping lol? those are kind of things ppl here do a lot- so just to be clear those aren’t allowed even if they’re not ‘sexual’ or whatever (kissing etc)


Is pig Latin allowed?


1.What is this vimeo video about? Is this Hopscotch related?
2.Is the picture of you important for people learning about coding? There are a lot of social platforms where you can freely post pictures of yourself. On the Hopscotch forum you can’t do so.
3. I would like to remind you that the primary goal of this forum is to help people with coding. Again, there are a lot of other platforms and apps where you can freely share your art.


Okay thanks for clearing things up for me :)

The video was a timelapse of me drawing ( u only see my hand) that I posted on the dt.

@Ana im curious if I would be able to repost it and not have it taken down? or is it not allowed? I could link it to u and u could tell me if its okay if u need.


Thank you for asking. We want to keep the forum code and game design related. Godly religious club was closed due to its theme and constant arguments. We believe that the forum should be a place where people collaborate on projects, help each other and learn new things about programming. This topic was dividing people instead of bringing them together.