A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted


Yeah, I just felt like gathering more insights, not trying to bend the guidelines just because the community thinks that it is ok :slight_smile:


The perspective you want comes from THT who pays to keep this forum up and running.


I felt like the flag / delete was a little sudden, and I apologize that did not come out the right way, I really just wanted to see what the community had to say. By no means am I saying the community determines their own rules, I just wanted others’ opinions to see if there was a legitimate reason


I can still undo it for a few minutes if you can delete it?


Yeah sure, that would be nice, only because I felt like it was more a misunderstanding than anything


I removed the flag. It should clear soon.

I’m but a messenger. I know you applied as a Leader and this is the kind of thing we have to do. Whether we fully agree or not, we have to see things from the viewpoint of the owner.


Yeah I get it, just seemed a little bit sudden and more out of a misunderstanding of intention/content

I could still delete the post if flagged… guess I’ll do that


Sudden only because it had the appearance of aggression. In the corporate world, that bodes ill for continued employment. I know you can’t hear my tone of voice, but that isn’t said critically by any means, just matter-of-fact.


wow didn’t really expect that, even after reading it twice

I’m really sorry it felt that way. I appreciate what you guys do for us in moderation and I don’t want to offend you in any way.


No…not offended, actually. I come from a corporate background and a large part of what I do is to train the Leaders in a way that will not only moderate but also prepare them for the corporate world that they will one day enter. If you read many of my replies, I strive to treat you all in a way that will prepare for your future, whether you realize it or not. While you may not have intended your action to be interpreted as aggression, I’ve just taught you about how something like that would be received in a professional environment. :thinking:
I don’t offend easily. :sunglasses:


I guess so, I know it’s about considering others’ perspectives, but I thought I had already done that, and as always there is something that is missed… was just curious as to what it was that time

I do realize that


No prob. I don’t know your age (don’t need to know) but I promise you that as you leave young adulthood and enter the world as a fully fledged adult, it’ll become easier to step into another’s shoes or to anticipate potential consequences of your actions. I won’t bore you with my youthful errors! Lol!

Hey, get back to your pals…no need to hang out in this boring place! Thanks for taking the time to share your concern. I really do hope to have a solution for you soon.


I have nothing to do with the inactive forum right now, just my homework while waiting for a reply.

well that sounded gloomy didn’t it


I agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. And perfect user to use as an example. Same with photographer123. Plus, some people…uh…it may be a bad sign if they just disappear without warning if you know what I mean.




When I arrive


Ok, this is a helpful guide!


@Jazz My peaceful Godly religions coding club topic was unfortunately deleted, and I’m just wondering if something like that is against the rules.
I don’t know if it was accidentally deleted or something, so I just wanted to ask if it’s ok before making another topic just in case it’s against the rules. :slight_smile:


Was it that or just lounged? idk just wondering

hmm it does seem to be gone