A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted


I think my cats are a bit notable

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I can understand that sentiment and if the person is, say, graduating high school and life is transitioning for them, the leaving post will have a very positive tone. I doubt that any Lead, Mod or Admin would object to that in the least.

However, I’m sure you realize that isn’t the kind of post to which the guidelines are referring. In the corporate environment (the world many of you will be joining in just a few years), these types of comments are considered defamation. So, learning what’s acceptable here will greatly prepare you for your future career.


Thanks for clarifying


Har-har :smirk:!! @JACG2018MASTER, I appreciate your humor, but since the issue has already been dealt with, expect future posts to be flagged. Let’s leave this topic clear for serious concerns. :face_with_monocle:


I know Jazz has already clarified this and I agree completely with what she said, but just providing another example/scenario ig.

I know people have posted something positive on topics, like a challenge to be kind to everyone and look out for people, something that they wanted to leave behind as their legacy and then a simple “bye” or “see you all around” or “peace” or something at the end.
An allusion to their departure ig, without making it very obvious or doing it in a way that called for attention.

That’s an example of something I think we would leave up.


I question this one quite a bit, is it not okay to share things related to Hopscotch that you made?

I say this because we have had multiple user sites that do not have comment or email communication of any form, and YouTube channels were around commonly like DotCopple and Kiwicute. I question how fair this rule is, as after all, you are still sharing about Hopscotch (I do completely understand why a link would be taken down if it is not related in any way, but I just feel like some clarification for reasoning would be nice for this one)

Everything else makes perfect sense to me, I just ask for a little clarification


I understand what you’re saying but there’s nothing to stop the personal owner from changing their page to allow communication. This makes it a loophole for contact outside the forum. Since these “exceptions” have been exploited before, they’re seen as too risky to allow to continue.

Now, I do have an idea that could bridge your concern and benefit everyone, but since I am not employed by THT, I will have to draw up a proposal before I get back with you on a solution.

Until then, however, it’s simply a matter of protection. Hopefully, this explains the broader perspective? Thanks for taking to time to express your concern.


It seems unjust to those that have acquired trust from leaders and the community. I understand what you mean, but I feel like it is more limiting than protecting. It just seems like this decision would cause people to make less cool things, as the Forum doesn’t exactly have the widest range of HTML support or sub-pages like a website or anything like that.

I typically don’t have these links and only have one website link I shared a while ago, but it doesn’t have comments or anything of that sort, and the community has never had an issue with it. So, I apologize if I forget this rule, but: 1) That was the only link to my site I shared (don’t think I’ll even have another site to share), and 2) it feels like an odd change that will be hard to remember.

Just reminds me of how YT channels like Kiwicute, DotCopple, HSGamers aren’t possible


I understand your frustration and, if THT approves my idea, it would be a win-win solution, so bear with me, please? Hopefully I’ll hear something next week! :thinking:

One more thing to consider…although no one expects the “worst case” scenario to happen, if it did, THT would take a tremendous hit. It’s just something to keep in mind to help you see from their perspective.


Cool, good to know. Not to frustrated, but it is super odd… maybe it’s just a matter of reviewing and making sure that the site is safe.

Better wording: I think a link to a site should only be removed if it collects personal info, requests it, or serves purely as a way of outside communication


While that sounds like it might work, there is a logistical dilemma with that idea. THT would have to keep a list of every single website linked and manually review those sites every day. They have no way to lock down outside sites.


Can you say you have a youtube channel, just not link it?


Are we allowed to post (appropriate ofc) videos from YouTube (like coding tutorial videos), just not from our own YouTube accounts (if we have one)?


I suppose, if you feel like leaning against the guidelines, but I’m not sure what the benefit would be for you or the community?


I understand, I just wanted to know if THT would allow you to say that you have a yt channel, just not say the name of the channel nor link it


I understand and, technically, you can. I just cannot officially condone it without specific context. When in doubt…don’t.


In general, yes, but I’d advise sticking with recognized sites that have a large subscriber base to be safe.


Yeah, it is totally a right decision but also a wrong decision at the same time – goes both ways. Let’s just see what happens next week I guess

Maybe it’s just personal as in about someone’s own life and not related to HS but seems a little vague


@Ana Also, the word personal seems a bit vague… does this mean any site even if it is related to HS and does not collect or request user info? (Also I suggest reading previous posts here, Jazz and I talked a tad bit on this)


The community’s opinion isn’t the issue here. It is the cost involved in moderating the forum that minutely. Personally, I like having a free forum. The more moderation required, THT will have to pay for moderation and the money has to come from somewhere.